About Us
Simpson Academy for Young Women is the only fully-accredited Chicago Public School devoted to educating pregnant and parenting teens. The model for Simpson Academy has evolved this year, but our purpose remains the same: to provide a quality education and developmental support to young mothers. Simpson Academy for Young Women offers the following:
  • Onsite Health Clinic through RUSH University Medical Center
  • Onsite Childcare Center through the Salvation Army
  • High School Graduation
  • Counseling and Referral Services
  • Enrichment Activities
  • Individualized Learning Support
  • On-Site Baby Boutique, Parenting Education, and Family Focused Events
  • Full high school course catalog: Online courses and credit recovery
  • Structured learning environment
  • Student Leadership Council
  • Full High School Experience: Prom, Homecoming, Senior Activities
  • Childcare Partnerships throughout the city
  • Parent Involvement Activities
Instructional Focus

Our intimate size allows both students and instructional staff at the school the opportunity to plan purposefully with instructional interventions and strategies to deliver high quality and differentiated teaching to build skills in core subjects and provide non-core and elective opportunities.

Individualized Planning

We complete a comprehensive intake process including a series of assessments that allows us to:
  • Deploy necessary counseling and social and emotional support
  • Offer pregnancy and parenting classes
  • Plan robust post-secondary options and preparation through job readiness and individual mentors
  • Have an on-site nurse or health provision
  • Provide extensive childcare and wrap-around services
Simpson Academy for Young Women will tap into best practices from around the country to provide a comprehensive and innovative network of supports and instructional opportunities for students.